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Ozone.ch has 20 years of experience and over the years has worked closely with its customers to identify their needs and offer them a personalized service. With the support of our customers and suppliers, we have been able to develop and improve our services.

Today's world is constantly evolving and increasingly investing in ecology and recycling to preserve our planet. To this end, we have decided to give priority to local businesses in order to participate in sustainable development and the reduction of the carbon balance. We care about the health of our planet, and that is why we place ecology at the center of our concerns.

Proud of our commitment, we want to guarantee quality services and equipment to ensure professional service and excellence for our members and our clients.

We are at your disposal to advise you and propose you the solution most adapted to your needs.

Ozone offers solutions for:

  • Air treatment, using ozone to eliminate odors in individuals, in hotels, in STEPs.
  • Treatment of water by ozonization, cleaning in place (CIP), disinfection, deodorization, potalization, reduction of COD, mineralization.
  • Sterilization of water by ozone or UV. Purification of process water (filtered water, softened water, osmosis water, demineralized water).
  • Domestic water treatment, tartar removal, disinfection for swimming pools, potalization.
  • The Use of Ozone in the Agri-Food Sector.

We inform you that ozone is present exclusively in Switzerland and Metropolitan France.

On request and for certain products, we can also be present in Germany and Italy.

These choices follow our policy and our involvement in ecology, sustainable development and the reduction of the carbon balance.

Thank you for your understanding


SIAMS 2022

Nous vous annonçons notre présence au SIAMS 2022

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08 juin 2022 Cours FSRM Traitement des eaux industrielles

Cours FSRM:

Traitement des eaux industrielles

Des nouvelles pour le cours FSRM en septembre 2022.

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Vente d'une station d'eau ultra Milipore


La société Atela vend une station de traitement d'eau ultra Milipore

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Aeroqual: arrêt de production SM50 et SM70


Les détecteurs d'ozone et les moniteurs SM50 et SM70 ne sont plus fabriqués

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SITAIR, pour lutter contre le COVID


Ozone.ch vous propose le MCmini20 pour désinfecter l'air.


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Top products of ozone.ch

Aeroqual ozone analysers for air

serie 300



Air analysers use low-cost sensors to accurately measure air quality. State-of-the-art sensors are wirelessly connected with software that is located in an integrated air quality monitoring system.







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