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We have the filtration solution for your fluid and your needs.

Each liquid filtration application requires a suitable solution as a function of a large number of parameters: flow rate, fluid to filter, the objective of filtration, etc. The universal filtration solution doesn't exist and the choice of appropriate technology (cartridge filtration, filter bag, etc.) is rarely trivial: our engineering team has extensive experience of filtration - Filtration of water as well as the filtering other liquids.

Filtration with filter cartridges

There is a large variety of types of cartridges and housings for these cartridges. Flow rates up to tens of m3 / h can beings treated with filtration cartridge. Our engineers are at your disposal to help you choose the filter cartridge for your application and to size the filter you need.

Filter cartridges

Each application has its cartridge:

  • Particulate filtration (0.5 µm and more)
  • Pleated membrane cartridges (0.1 - 40 µm)
  • Cartridges resistant to ozone
  • Cartridges combined with activated carbon (50 - 350 μm)
  • Cartridges for viscous fluids - ProBond
  • Ceramic cartridges impregnated with activated carbon
  • Special cartridges
    • for absorption of oil and hydrocarbons
    • for water deferrization
    • for water demineralisation
    • ...

Filter housings for filter cartridges

  • Plastic filter housings
    • Mono cartridge
    • Multi-catridges
  • Stainless steel filter housings
    • Mono cartridge
    • Multi-catridges

Filtration with filter bags

  • Filter bags in polyester, polypropylene and nylon
  • Filter bags
    • Plastic housings for filter bags
    • Stainless steel housings for filter bags

Bag filters are suitable for the filtration of water and other liquids heavily loaded with particles, such as of water charged with sand or mud etc.

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